My Study Diary

My OU course suggests keeping a ‘Study Diary’ and I’ve decided this blog may finally earn its keep!

And so my T121 journey begins!

I last studied with the OU in 2000 when I passed T171 You, Your Computer and the Net. The course was a first for OU as it was conducted entirely online. We read course books and had discussions using ‘new technology’ and our final piece was to present our ‘findings’ as a series of web pages.

I can thoroughly recommend the books we read – Where Wizards Stay Up Late:the origins of the Internet, by Hafner and Lyon and Accidental Empires, by Cringley

This time things are very different and the course is mainly based on printed materials. But how exciting to receive a parcel …though the post – especially with a postal strike imminent. Fantastic! James and Emily were very interested in mum’s package – until I opened it and revealed its contents.

It took a short while to check the component parts and try to work out how where to get started. But it’s all clearly laid out and you are taken through everything step-by-step. I have now completed Activities 1 – 5, (hooray) including planning my study time which was much more difficult than I thought it would be. So that’s about 12 hours per week accounted for right up until the end of April 2010…

Wish me luck!


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