Mentors Wanted!

Today I’ve been giving some thought to who might be able to help support my studies. It’s a tricky one as I need to find someone who can help in different ways, including: career progression/advice, helping me develop my skills/meet new challenges, general support/counselling (i.e. a shoulder to cry on), work related feedback/performance and just plain old friendship! A lot to ask of one person I think, so I have decided to try and split the burden (that I will surely be) across 3 – 4 colleagues/friends. Luckily a couple of kindly souls have already agreed to help me in my quest – so only two more to go.

I feel like I’ve made a good start on this course – however I’m going to be away at a conference for a few days and am a little anxious about my ability to keep up with my schedule for this week. Will try and be a good bunny and do a some course work between sessions/networking.


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