Keeping up with the studies

Today I had my first @work study session. I’ve got as far as Activity 6 in Block 1 of the course. There are 19 activates over Block 1 nearly a third of the way through (hooray!).The downside is that I’ve just realised Block 1 needs to be completed by 28th November and my first full TMA completed 4th December (at the latest) :O( I think I may have got a bit bogged down with Activity 6 – which involved looking at a lot of content on the OU website. Hopefully I’ve explored enough to get me through the next assessment!

So I really need to crack on! Studying at work today wasn’t too bad – although there were a few interruptions. I was also able to talk through the Confirmation Agreement Form (TMA01) with my ‘confirmer’ and it’s now ready to submit.

To date, four people have agreed to be mentors – so at least I’ll have a shoulder (or two) to cry on when the going really gets tough.


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