Every cloud has a silver lining

Back to my OU studies blog…

I was feeling quite smug after a very productive study@work session on Wednesday – but also mindful of the work I still need to do to complete block 1 AND my first ‘proper’ TMA.

I’d missed out on 7 study hours in attending the PPRG conference last week and sticking to my weekend schedule was looking even more dubious as my family would be visiting from Australia.

Then on Friday 13th something happened to help me out – study wise. I accessed Outlook first thing and received a virus alert. According to the message two Trojans had been detected and deleted – however when I closed down the alert window the taskbar disappeared from my screen. Closing down other windows I was soon left with the ‘blue screen of death’ – disaster!

I managed to contact our ICT Support Unit – but despite 2 attempts to restore the operating system, my profile and my installed Aps – I was left without PC access for the full day. Unfortunately I couldn’t even use another PC as the virus had attached itself to my profile! Fortunately I had my course books with me, and luckily none of the next set of activities required a PC – just a trusty old pencil and piece of paper. So I was able to make good use of this bit of enforced down time.

I’m now up to activity 14 so I feel like I’ve made some progress. In addition, two more people have agreed to be my mentors, which is great. So as they say – ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ – although obviously I’ll still have to catch-up with the ‘real’ work I was meant to be doing on Friday! Hey ho.


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