The Dead Zone

Second study@work sess today. I don’t think my time spent was quite as productive as last week – but at least I did manage to get some work done.

Pleased to report I sent my first TMA off on Tuesday. Pleased, because it’s now out-of-the-way and I can concentrate, over the next couple of weeks, on completing Block 1 and working on TMA02. I’ve started to look at the questions and make some notes. Looking at what’s required – you do kind of wonder if some folk simply concentrate their efforts on the TMAs themselves and don’t bother to work through the actual course material. Perhaps I’m just a sceptic – or simply too stupid to take the easy route. As my ‘Approaches to Learning’ assessment has shown I’m a bit of a stickler for monitoring my work – in other words a bit of a perfectionist – and I also scored high in the effort management section – ‘tries hard’ – which sounds a bit like one of my old school reports! I found these activities interesting – even if they only confirmed what I already knew.

Today I’ve been working on the Learning Skills section. For the first time since I started the course my eyes have glazed over. I’ve reached the dead zone. It’s probably something to do with the fact it’s going over old ground. Strategies for reading and notes taking, effective writing, citing and referencing ….zzzzz. I’m sure Mike thought I was nodding off at my desk today. I’m cheered along by my ‘Approaches to Learning’ assessment though, apparently when I find something boring I can usually force myself to keep focused’ – KEEP FOCUSED! Only another 13 pages of tedium to go now.


2 responses to “The Dead Zone

  1. Hi Lynda
    what does TMA stand for? I always think of “Tycho Magnetic Anomaly” as in Space Odyssey 🙂
    Hope the studies are going well. When I was doing mine last year (not OU though) I initially found it hard to focus without deadlines! But I got into it eventually. Good luck!

  2. Thanks for your comment Martin – the first I’ve had on my blog!! TMA stands for Tutor Marked Assignment. I’ve got 4 o f those, plus an ECA (End of Course Assessment) to complete by April 2010. I’m then hoping to move on to T226 – ICT Projects at Work. If I’m sucessful – this will give me a Professional Certificate in ICT – which counts towards a Foundation Degree in ICT or Business IT.

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