Blinded by the light

Dear study diary – today I wish to report a bit of a breakthrough. Yes I’ve finally made it out of the afore mentioned – dead zone. I’ve ticked-off the Learning Skills activity and I’m now on the home straight – whoopee! Actually it wasn’t as bad as I’ve probably lead you to believe here – or perhaps it was but now it’s far behind me it doesn’t seem to matter. So, as Gordon would say ‘Job done!’ …well almost.

Now there’s the little matter of my Tutor Marked Assignment to complete. And I have oodles of time in which to do this – a whopping 17 hours to be precise – if I leave submitting my assignment until 12 noon on the cut-off date (which I won’t of course ;O)).

I skim read through the questions last week and started to formulate my answers at the weekend. Clearly my skim reading techniques are not all they’re cracked up to be as I totally misinterpreted part a, of question 2! Must be a lesson learned there then. Skim then read it thoroughly perhaps? Or plain and simple old – look before you leap! Not all is lost though, as I believe I can still salvage enough from my answer to spread across to parts b and c. My excuse for this oversight? Blinded by the light …at the end of the tunnel.


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