How illuminating!

My post titles seem to be following a theme here – truthfully, I’m not obsessed with dark and light, good and evil…

On Monday (30th November) I took part in the first of our T121 online tutorials. The tutorial was conducted via Elluminate (no spelling checker, NOT illuminate!) – which enables participants to interact with their tutor via a combination of audio, live chat and interactive whiteboard. The session was set-up by our tutor so he could give as some hints and tips on how to complete our first ‘proper’ TMA.

At 8pm sharp I joined 4 other students in the (class) ‘room’ while we waited patiently for our tutor to start the session. He was a wee bit late as his broadband connection was playing up. But we soon got underway and he gave us a quick guided tour of Elluminate and did a short presentation on TMA02. It was kind of bizarre listening to some guy talking to us from Co. Leitrim in a rather delightful Irish accent. My daughter Emily, who listened in too, was fascinated!

The presentation was really useful and it was nice to ‘meet’ other students and be able to ask our tutor questions. Trouble is, I was the only participant with a working microphone so with the exception of my tutor, I didn’t get to hear anyone else’s voice. I’m sure they were fed-up with mine by the end of the session (although I only asked 3 questions – honest). Anyway all in all it was pretty successful and I’m looking forward to the next.

I received TMA01 back on Monday (100% mark) and, with some trepidation, submitted my second assignment today (Wednesday 2nd December)! I’m pretty certain I won’t be getting full marks this time – but as long as get over 40% – I’ll be happy.

And so on with Block 2…


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