Bad bunny/good bunny

Bad bunny because I’ve not been putting in the study hours I should. I’m blaming Christmas as my attention has been diverted to any number of other interesting things, like cooking, shopping, wrapping presents and decorating the tree – instead of the important stuff like reading Health and Safety Executive and You, or The Health and Safety Regulation – short guide… (!)

Good bunny because I’m now on Activity 15 – which by my reckoning is just over half way through Block 2 with a whole 4 weeks to go before the next TMA is due! Although we are supposed to be off for Christmas of course. Also good bunny because I scored 82% in my last assignment – so that’s 42% more than I actually need to pass (idiot!).

Must go – I now have to carry out a risk assessment of my work place (could be a while…)


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