New Year – new resolutions?

I must confess it’s not been easy getting back to my studies after the Christmas break – but I’ve found the prospect of another TMA deadline looming ever closer (this Friday in fact) has done wonders to concentrate the mind! So my New Year resolution – along with the usual dieting one (blast those left-over Christmas chocs) – is to keep to my study schedule.

This next assignment counts for 30% of the over all mark – understandable as the questions are becoming more complex and demanding. Yes – I have to think! The block to which this TMA relates has been about using ICTs at work – which is also the title of the course. We’ve looked at everything from how systems work to analysing data, understanding Health and Safety, Data Protection, FOI and Professionalism.

The thing I’ve found most interesting is how to go about creating surveys and analyse data. Least interesting has been exploring the Data Protection Act – which is without doubt a true cure for insomnia. What I am finding though, is that I can apply what I’m learning to my work – which I feel is great!

In the next block we are looking at personal development and career planning. As a result of exploring professional organisations in the last section I joined the British Computer Society. At this stage I’m not entirely sure how I will use my membership. But out of all the organisations we looked at, it seemed the most appropriate for my skills area. Out of the bunch, it was probably the most professional looking website – always the way to win me over ;o). And at the price of £25 for ‘student’ membership – a bargain, I hope, in terms of CPD! The only thing that did wind me up about this site however, is that nowhere, well that I can see anyway, does it explain what BCS stands for!


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