Only block 3!

So that’s a third of the way through and for some strange reason I feel like I should have made much more progress. But no – I’ve checked my trusty study schedule and, yep, I’m bang on target! What’s that they say about time flying when you’re having fun? In truth though I am enjoying it – I suppose my perceived ‘lack of progress’ is more to do with fitting it around ‘life’ in general …and work of course!

I’ve just been doing the first activity in this section – ‘The Benefits of Personal and Career Development Planning’. This made me think of something that was discussed at our Libraries Planning Day this Friday. The gist of it being – that CPD is something all staff are responsible for. CPD is something you do – not something that is done to you. Makes sense doesn’t it, as only you can identify the gaps and where you need to develop your skills. I think someone mentioned building this into our appraisals too. Excellent – bring it on!

Having worked through Career Planning pages on the OU site, I eventually found myself on the DirectGov Careers Advice pages – where you can carry out a ‘Skills and Interests’ assessment. I found this fascinating. I honestly don’t remember receiving any careers advice at school (which I grant you was back in the dark ages). The assessment is based on answering a number of questions and can be found here: Assess your skills and interests. Well worth having a go.

Anyway the upshot of all this, is that I’m already doing exactly the right sort of job for me! I knew this of course as I love it – but it’s also sort of nice to have someone confirm you’re on the right track. What else is useful? Well there are further links to career development options, including a number of qualifications I could take in my chosen area. I’ll definitely be following them up. In fact I’m sure I’ll be following them up as this is the whole point of the Block.


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