BBC The Virtual Revolution

Just been watching the first in this 4 part series about the World Wide Web. Shock horror the web is not, as yet, world wide! So not such a ‘level playing field’ – nor do I think it ever will be – it simply reflects our society of ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’.

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I didn’t think Tim Berners-Lee set-out to invent something ‘antiestablishmentarian’ – which the programme seem to hinting at. He was simply solving a problem. Providing colleagues working at CERN, in the early 90s, with a common language and system for communication. His idea was not designed with the intent of bringing about a revolution.

The fact that it did is interesting – but clearly there are many more players who have contributed to this technological empowerment of the masses.

I also found it quite strange that ‘we’ are not comfortable with the exponential growth of Internet giants, Google, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon (to name but a few). Lets face(book) it – it is going to happen. This is how things work. People like order, they like familiarity, they like products that enable them to ‘do stuff’ without having to be a geek. And ultimately they like to belong, be part of the flock, tribe or group – this is why religion use to be such crowd puller. Now we worship a different god.

Dr. Aleks Krotoski’s commentary has, needless to say, sparked much discussion and debate in the Twitterverse. Many seem disappointed with the programme – but doubtless many more will be back for a second helping next Saturday at 8:30pm – BBC – The Virtual Revolution. I know I will.


One response to “BBC The Virtual Revolution

  1. NotWorthTheTime

    This is everything a television programme ought not to be; namely that it pretends to be an intelligent look at technology whilst really trying to see how many shots of an “easy on the eye” presenter they can squeeze in. I lost track of how many times the screen was filled with Dr. Aleks just walking around, typing at a computer or even riding a cab. If I watch a technology themed programme I want to learn about technology, I don’t want some presenter preening herself on screen for an hour.

    Forgive me for sounding egotistical here but this is television for idiots, recaps every five minutes, more repetition than a looped video and that hateful word “levelling” that was used in every other sentence. I couldn’t say what Mr Berners intended when he created the web, but I’m pretty certain it wasn’t some sort of hippy free for, middle finger up at “the man” which the programme was suggesting.

    This programme was 25% presenter preening herself, 25% patronising and 50% opinion (honestly, who gives a fart what Stephen bloody Fry has to say about technology?) and all of it was a waste of my time.

    In future BBC at least have the decency to make your “technology” programmes focus on technology. I couldn’t care less if the person presenting was Quasimodo, so long as he stuck to the subject, you don’t watch this type of thing to gawp at the presenter.

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