Soul searching

I received my third assignment back last week which scored a whopping 89%! So big thanks to my family, friends and mentors for all their support. I was particularly pleased with my ‘block diagram’ which I may share with you here, dear reader, in due course.

I’m finding this section of the course painful as it requires a considerable amount of self-honesty and soul searching. I love my job, however this block asks you re-examine what you want to get out of both work and life – and I’m finding it rather unsettling as it makes you feel dissatisfied even if you are perfectly happy.

I’ve never thought of myself as a ‘career’ person – I didn’t go to university (one of my biggest regrets) but instead seem to have developed a career path, of sorts, through a process of trial and error rather than having planned a direct route. For some reason this makes me feel bad instead of proud of what I have achieved without any real academic qualifications.

I see myself as a creative: a thinker, an ideas person, an innovator. I get bored easily and like to have lots of different projects on the go at once and this is why the library service suits me so well. I don’t think I want a career change now (I’m 49 this year). If I’m truly honest – and this is what this section is about after all – I feel my current role already has enormous potential for development – it still excites me.

So I need to channel the lessons learned throughout this block into my work. There are areas I need to develop – for a start I need to stop being so hard on myself. It funny how it’s easy to celebrate the achievement of others but not yourself!


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