Abandoned blog

I’m feeling particularly guilty here as I’ve not committed my thoughts to blog for some time. Partially this is because I’ve been working on my latest tutor marked assignment – TMA04 – but also I’ve just been …well to put it bluntly – plain knackered! Not sure if it’s the weather or my age …or both.

This assignment was a toughie and judging from a one or two comments from my fellow students during our last tutorial, I’m not alone in this thinking. The hardest part was the benchmarking. Trying to pick out the most appropriate skills-sets for my job, from a positive myriad of frameworks and National Occupational Standards, was a nightmare. Not only did we have to pick – we also had to say why we found them useful. Anyway job done, TMA04 safely dispatched and now awaiting marking by my tutor.

And so onward to block 4 – Personal and Career Planning within the organisational context. This is the final block and on first glance it looks fairly light-weight. Only 15 activities – which should be a doddle. There is however the little matter of an End of Course Assessments to complete, which will no doubt provide our biggest challenge yet.

For now though I’m downing pens, pencils and keyboards and off to Oxford for a well earned weekend break. Must remember to pack the brolley.


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