Head in the clouds?

Two posts today. Firstly I attended Socitm SW yesterday and learned all about clouds. Well, when I say learned – we were introduced to the concept of the G-cloud – and G-AS. Nope – not as you might suspect – some new fangled approach to renewable energy, harnessing the power of those fluffy white clouds floating above our heads. And wrong again – nowt to do with bottling the methane passed by herds of un-environmentally friendly cows roaming our green and pleasant lands. Instead we were chewing a different sort of cud – namely that of Whitehall’s latest money saving brainwave. Apparently G-cloud and G-AS are going to be our salvation in this latest round of public sector IT spending cuts. Well Alleluia!

I’m sure this ‘grand design’ is a fabulous idea – but why has it taken so long to come-up with this cunning plan? I remember back in the heady days of e-Gov – when we were to reap savings from online provision of 24/7 transactional services that customers would ‘want to use’(?!). No – not enough. Then along came ‘son of e-Gov’ T-Gov – transforming the way services are delivered (with no money of course – as we were ‘re-investing’ the savings made through e-Gov). Brilliant! So still no more dosh. And now there ‘really’ are no monies what-so-ever left in the coffers – yep you guessed it… time for an even bigger challenge (should you choose to accept it)?

Don’t get me wrong I think ‘sharing’ services via the Internet is the way to go. In fact aren’t people are doing this already? And what was all that other nonsense about? Why have we continued to pour money down the drain for the past few years despite the answer being there right in front or our collective noses?

So cloud computing will provide the infrastructure the platform and the software (as a service) – IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. It will be made up of ‘building blocks’ – and offer ICT departments the flexibility they require to function efficiently – and all in one neat ‘secure’ package t’boot. A sort of ‘pay as you go’ Uptopia for local authorities. G-cloud providing the vehicle and G-AS (Application Store) the fuel. The only trouble is no-one can tell us exactly how much all this lot is going to cost yet…

Lets hope it’s not just another ‘lot of hot air’.

Inside the G-cloud – Silicon.com


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