Grumpy (old) woman?

I think I’m turning into one… in fact I’m sure I am.

My family nearly died of embarrassment at the weekend when I had a bit of a set-to with a salesman in Carphone Warehouse. Apparently I was coming across as rather rude. Probably, but then he was trying to tell me that a 20 quid phone was ‘actually’ 70. No logic there at all, especially as it had 19.95 on the price tag (plus the obligatory network top-up) …so that still only made it 29.95. So either I must be some sort of idiot for not understanding the complexity of such ‘deals’, or my mobile sales salesman was simply taking me for one.
And so I dutifully endured the spiel, strike that, bullshit – in order to spare my family the humiliation or me telling him exactly where to stick his phone and storming out the shop.
I had a similar rather unpleasant experience in Aldi. I was shopping with my elderly mother, who is frail and can only get about with a walking aid. Do staff make any allowances for this? I think not. The shopping is unceremoniously thrown through the checkout and on to the floor. “goodness your fast” exclaims little grey haired lady. “Ho, ho” says the checkout operator “this is how we keep our prices down – and little old ladies like you out of our stores”. Well – not exactly but he might as well have…
And so I think I may have joined team grumpy. Clearly I’ve got to that certain age when I’m longer prepared to “suffer fools gladly” – life’s too short.


One response to “Grumpy (old) woman?

  1. Lynda….CHILLAX! 🙂

    I feel your pain. Some days I simply can’t be arsed to filter all the marketing and crap customer service spam out of my field of vision. It usually seems to be a matter of how much energy I have at any one time, though….so check you are getting enough sleep, yeah?

    At the same time, neither practice is good long-term business strategy, so maybe we won’t have to put up with it for ever.

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