Camping at St Ives Bay, Cornwall

Just spent a fabulous week camping at St Ives Bay in Cornwall with friends.

It’s our second year at the park and I can thoroughly recommend it. You literally fall off the A30 and you are there. Three miles of golden sandy beach, backed by acres of dunes. There is a Lidl very conveniently located about half a mile down the road or if you want to go more up market a M&S a few hundred yards further on.

How lucky were we with the weather! I wasn’t expecting great things, especially after all the hot sunny weather we’ve had – well it IS half-term – which usually signifies heavy rain, wind and a chill factor to match. We got our tent up in the dry and with the exception of a wet Monday night (OK so it rained all night), which resulted in a pond under our ground sheet to mop-up the next day – we enjoyed hot, dry and blissfully sunny weather.

Clearly I was born to camp – because even what should have been a rather unpleasant task of crawling between the base of a tent and a ground sheet to bale out water seemed like fun. Photos to follow.

Another highlight was climbing the highest dune on our friends wedding anniversary carrying (plastic) glasses full of wine for the toast. I think we’d drunk a few before we embarked on our adventure – but we made it without spilling a drop. Unfortunately not so steady handed on the way back down. Which posses the question – why didn’t we just drink up atop the hill. Silliness in the extreme.



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