Bad meal at the Twisted Oak – Ide Exeter

Just had a really awful meal at the Twisted Oak, Ide Exeter. Won’t be going there again – a pity because it is one of my locals and used to be nice.

I ordered Thai green turkey curry – I can only describe what I got as what looked like a large sachet of cat food, dumped in the center of rice with a popadom sail sticking out of it. Perhaps warning bells should have rung when I asked the bar staff for their recommendation and was told the curry was new on the menu – but they’d sold two today. I’m assuming the turkey came out of a tin – it had the look and consistency of flaked tuna – the concoction was dry and tasteless …and sent back to the kitchen.

It was replaced with Pasta penne with red peppers, mushrooms, tomato and goats cheese (my second choice)… and this was equally uninteresting. The plate I was told was hot – a pity the same couldn’t be said for the food on it. Another bland and disappointing dish topped with three massive, thick, rosettes of goats cheese which contributed nothing to the meal, either in terms of presentation or taste.

A wedding party were leaving as we arrived – I hope they had better luck.


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