Empty shelves at Sainsburys, Alphington, Exeter

Last autumn our local Sainsburys store was extended and very exciting it was too. New lines, homewares, clothes, a new cafe, handy self-service tills all lovely!
Only trouble is since re-opening it has been distinctly lacking in… well, food actually.
First lines went awol. Provisions we’d been buying for years no longer stocked. Mysteriously disappearing overnight. Discontinued. Then there was ‘on expiry’ produce… you check the date, only to discover is on it’s last day of sale (or, worse still it was out of date two days ago). Even more unbelievable when it’s 9pm at night and you are confronted by a shelf of full of cream cakes – due to expire at the stroke of midnight. What do they do with them all? Have a custard pie and cream bun fight in the staff room? And now, even finding a shelf full of anything has become a bit of a novelty.
Perhaps I’m just shopping at the wrong time? Well no, my Sainsburys is literally on my doorstep, my corner shop, and I regularly pop in for provisions, bread a couple of pints of milk and the shelves remain well and truly empty, vacant, devoid of food.
So what’s going on? Is it a faulty stock management system, a supply and demand issue? A simple lack of staffing? I’m guessing there will be no extra staff to manage this supersized store with the new self-service technology. Perhaps we’re supposed to place the orders ourselves as well. Dunno… but I’m seriously considering switching to Tesco.

See below for pics on Flickr.


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