Toyota SLR4D Overlocker

I have just invested in an overlocker. Inspired by the Great British Sewing Bee, I’ve been doing a bit of sewing again. I’d sent for a couple of free patterns from Prima magazine and decided to give it a go. They were fairly basic patterns and I’m quite pleased with the results, especially as I’d not made clothing since the 80s, but I felt they could have had a better finish.
My sewing machine is pretty basic so
I started to research overlockers to see what was available. I shortlisted a Brother and Singer along with the Toyota all within my budget of about £200. In the end I chose the Toyota because it was the same make as my sewing machine AND because it had fairly good reviews from beginners. I was going to order online but read a few horror stories about unrepeatable traders so decided to buy locally from Argos.


I didn’t unpack it immediately as I was still unsure if I’d made the right choice. After a bit more browsing on the internet, today I took the plunge. I read through the quick guide and manual and tried to figure out if any of the pre-threading had come adrift in transit – it had. I moved the threads into what I thought were the correct hooks and took my first tentative steps in sewing.
All well to start with but then the stitches slipped off the fabric and all came to a halt. I cut the fabric from the machine and decide it would be best to start from scratch and thread it myself following in instructions.
The only bits that were fiddly, were the lower looper and the needles themselves. I blame my eyesight to be honest as it isn’t that difficult as long as you can see what you are doing! All the hooks are colour coded and it is clear from the instructions what order to thread up in. Anyway apart from not being 100% sure if the upper looper thread should cross the lower all turned out OK and I managed to produce my first bit of overlocking! I took a photo of the loopers for reference next time.  


The machine is fairly quiet in use and comes with a three year warranty.  The only cons are no free arm for doing sleeves and that you have to buy a separate foot and plate for rolled hems. Still a nice machine though and I hope it provide many years of service.



2 responses to “Toyota SLR4D Overlocker

  1. Ashley Lian-Faktor

    can i ask what tension you have yours set to? i just bought the same one from argos however i changed the tensions without checking and now everything is sooooooo wonky. i like you got inspired by the sewing bee.

    • Hi Ashley – it’s packed away at the moment but I’ll have a look and get back to you later this week. 🙂

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