So I phoned 111 this evening as despite medication prescribed by our GP for my mother earlier this afternoon, she remaines in considerable pain.

Morphine based patches applied at 6 pm.  It is now 11.30 and still no sign of a doctor.  In fairness the ‘service’ has kept me updated as to progress but I fear we are unlikely to see anyone until after midnight now.

So poor ma continues to shout out in pain and I’m powerless to do anything. She couldn’t lie down so sat in her chair for a few hours until she slipped off on to the floor. I managed to heave her up with some difficulty but there is no respite nor relief.

At 93 she is a remarkably tough cookie and been through a lot but tonight her shouts and screams are too much to bear.

I have spoken to a NHS operative,  a paramedic,  a nurse, a doctor and a driver. Still no sign of medical assistance. I’m now beginning to wish I’d dialled 999, as although the prospect of several hours in A & E was not attractive, nor recommended by 111, at least I would have felt like something was being done.

And so we wait…


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