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Marketing madness

Our household is now the proud owner of a Peugeot 206 sw (the sw stands for station wagon I believe). Anyway it’s essentially a small estate car, so station wagon sounds a bit pretentious for a car of such diminutive stature.

It’s a dear little thing though, which promises to deliver nearly 60mph with its 1.4 hdi diesel engine, and apparently we’re only going to have to pay 30 pounds a year to the government to drive on our roads.

I would like to report that the purchase of this fine vehicle was a pleasant experience… but I would be lying. The main dealer we bought it from did nothing to sell the car, in fact I can honestly say if it wasn’t for the fact we’d been looking out for one if these little motoring gems for some time, we’d have walked away as soon as Paul, the salesman first embarked on his mechanical sales dribble. But it looked like a keeper so we stayed with it.

We already knew more about the car than Paul anyway. With just 21,000 miles on the clock it looked an attractive package so we were going to buy.

At this point we should have placed our fingers firmly in our ears and sung la, la, la, la, la. This way we wouldn’t have had to endure all the nonsense about how the full stop after the price denoted no room for negotiation in the deal. Yeh right!

So we purchased the vehicle, and apparently also an hpi check which was slapped on to our final invoice at the grand price of £80. Luckily we managed to dodge all the other extras like additional warranties and protective paint treatments, which could have easily added a whopping extra £2k to our purchase price.

Moral of tale, avoid Evans Hallshaw, Plymouth like the plague.  Incidentally their 3 month warranty was just as useless and we must have wasted at least £100 worth of fuel driving up and down the A38 between Exeter and Plymouth in an effort to sort out a few annoying problems with the car.

Nuff said.